fan card

Example of use:
This simple card is not only held by fans in their mobile wallets as a symbol of their loyalty and membership to their club. Due to its dynamic features it is also suitable for broadcasting news and scores, and as a display of general information about the club. It also is a useful hub of links to club pages, social networks, e-shop, sponsor pages etc. As the fun card is an anonymous card, it can easily be distributed via its distribution QR code. Card among thousands of fans is a great communication and marketing channel not only for betting and entertainment agencies. Going digital with the digital fan card is not just fast and easy, it can also be a good business.


  • Modification of design, colours, logo, content, and text fields
  • Anonymous cards without identification
  • Identification possibility via card number, name, bar or QR code
  • Lock-screen notifications
  • Fan surveys
  • Simple distribution through SMS, mail, or QR code
  • Simple implementation through API
  • Cost savings compared to paper and plastic cards
  • No disposable plastic or paper

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