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Discover the solution that is with its multi-functionality and customization option as wide as the concept of digitizing itself.

Through our platform you immediately get the option to create, edit and distribute your own digital cards with their own and unique content.

To get into the customers´ mobile phones has never been easier.

Expand your current marketing tools and discover the power of digital cards and modern marketing.

Main use


  • Any modification to the design, colours, logo and text boxes.
  • Possibility of anonymous card without identification.
  • Possibility of identification through the card number, name or QR code.
  • Communication through notifications and lock-screen notifications.
  • GPS notifications and time notifications.
  • Connection to the loyalty programme (point system with instant update).
  • Collection of data and users´ opinions.
  • Connection to the payment gateway and to your payment system.
  • Easy distribution through SMS, e-mail or QR code.
  • Simple implementation through API.
  • Cost savings against paper and plastic variants.
  • Ecological solution against printing and the possibility of reusing through actualisation.


No matter what type of company, organisation or association you are, our digital cards can play an important role in the field of communication, identification, loyalty and loyalty systems, marketing, data collection and much more. Satisfy yourself as to the wide range of use: member cards, vouchers, customer cards, leaflets to the phone, fan cards, assistance cards, information cards, prepaid cards, cash-back cards etc. As far as your imagination extends, there is also our solution.

Loyalty cards

Are you still issuing plastic cards? Your customers deserve something better, even the best! Digital loyalty cards get you closer to your customer, allow you to run communication, campaigns and update the design of the card according to the seasonal offers. In addition, you get a completely new space for the location of both the content and your advertisement.

Assistance cards

Communication with the customers and the assistance has never been easier. No searching for a phone number or e-mail, just one click is enough. There is the option to place forms and to sort the incoming messages. The card may also serve as an identification of the customer and as a confirmation that he is purchaser of your service. There is the option to inform of handling the assistance request directly through the card.

Fan card

Does your organisation have a permanent base of fans or interested groups? Improve the existing care of your community and get your own anonymous organisation card! Extra marketing space, up-sale options, collection of opinions or mass advertising. Ideal for running campaigns and completing social networks. Your base deserves something special!

Membership cards

Identification and control of the membership base has never been easier than through the digital membership card. Easy distribution between the members, addition of plastic or identification cards, the possibility of communication, notifications, collection of opinions or of membership contributions payments with the option of online payment. Also, we didn´t forget the space for your potential sponsors. Your users will be excited about the simplicity and interactivity.


Go to meet your customer through easier and more efficient distribution of vouchers – directly to the mobile phone. No search for paper voucher or problems with falsification or validation. In addition, there is a possibility of notification, reminders of validity, extension or transfer of the voucher and especially of the ex-post-validation- marketing after using the voucher. Data collection and evaluation is a matter of course. Get information and control over your vouchers.


Do you still print advertising leaflets? Try digital leaflets to the mobile phone! Cost savings, easier distribution and interactivity are just the tip of the iceberg. The possibility of running campaigns, content updates and direct clicks to your offers and data collection will support the success of your campaigns.

Business cards

Digitize your business cards and change their content or appearance at any time. For example, changing your company's number, email, or logo is no problem. You change anything on your business card, including a notification about the change made to your business card holders.


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About us

We are a technology company with a passion for new digital trends and we help our customers to find completely new, unique and playful solutions. Our playground is primarily a mobile phone that turns in our hands into a vibrant and entertaining tool of communication, marketing, data collection and sales. We are tired of classic and now obsolete solutions, which make a hostage or marketing loot out of the customers. We live with the new trends and with democratization of consumer behaviour. We help companies and organizations to take full advantage of their potential through our technology solution that delivers savings, speed, efficiency, reliability and satisfied and loyal users above all. We simply live the digitalisation and we are really very good at it!

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