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Catch timely the trend of digital ticketing and discover unbeatable advantages against the paper tickets.

A simple creating of tickets, cost savings, ecology, easier distribution, interactivity and primarily the power of ex-post-validation- marketing will amaze you! Why to wait in line then? Come on directly for our solution.

Expand your current marketing tools and discover the power of digital cards and modern marketing.

Main use


  • Any modification on the design, colours, logo and text.
  • Connection to the current validation turnstile or help with the validation at the venue.
  • Collection of data before or after the action.
  • Communication with the holders, voting during the event, contests and promotional offerings.
  • Connection to your current payment system – directly without the provider.
  • Saving costs for creating, issuing and distribution.
  • Ecological solution against paper and plastic.
  • Ex-post-validation-marketing and efficient up-sale marketing.
  • Simple distribution through sms, e-mail,social media or QR code.
  • Easy API integration.
  • Cost savings in compare to paper and plastic variants.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions and the possibility of reuse through the update.


Whether you are a regular organiser of mass actions, the provider of ticketing system or smaller cultural action organiser, our solution is made for you. Digital tickets and membership cards can supplement or even fully replace your paper and plastic solution. But why should you only be limited to the entry? Our solution allows you to run campaigns through digital tickets before the deadline of the event, collect opinions and data, promote partners and sponsors, and make an up-sale and especially ex-post-validation-marketing. At the moment, when the digital ticket is validated, it doesn´t go to the recycle bin but it may become for you an ultimate marketing medium for promotion of other events or partners´ offers. We will be happy to help you to go beyond the digital tickets and we will prepare complete ticketing solution for you from creation, distribution, over validation and ex-post-validation marketing.


The ticket life does not have to end with a throw-in after the action. Create digital tickets for your events, whether for tens or thousands of people, and communicate with your clients before, during and after the event by push notifications to the client display. A simple solution covers the entire process. From purchasing the tickets to the e-shop that is part of the solution through distribution, validation and subsequent post-validation marketing.

Season Tickets

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by our ticketing solution. Of course there is also the possibility of multiple use, ie the format of season tickets, which can be arbitrarily set on the number of inputs, time constraints, combinations with other tickets and many other benefits. Reward your loyalists directly to push action notifications.

Fan Card

Reach your fans with a new, modern method and communicate with them right into their cell phones. Inform them about current events, what is going on, and what is happening on the pitch, stage or racetrack. Ideal for campaigning and social networking. Suitable for sports clubs, race organizers, competitions, promoters and artists.


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of digital marketing


Lighten the cash desks and allow your visitors direct entry and validation directly through the mobile phone.


Implementation of digital tickets can almost instantly complete your current model of ticketing.


Why should the tickets end in the recycle bin? Turn digital ticket after validation by turnstile into a promotional leaflet, voucher or a special offer on the next purchase. This will give you an additional argument for your sponsors and partners.


Lighten your wallet as well as logistics. Our digital tickets and permanent passes have a simple distribution, validation and an affordable price.


Digital tickets have the highest possible protection for validation and it is not possible to falsify them. At the same time you will get the control over the resale on the black market.


The sale of digital tickets is extremely simple and the customers can purchase directly from their mobile phone and from anywhere. So you save for the services of the providers.


of ticket creation


Create your tickets easily through our platform. Design has no limits!


Both the sale and distribution of tickets have never been easier. Online payment and distribution through QR code, e-mail or SMS opens the possibility of the sale through your web sites or directly through the social network.


Digital ticket behaves the same as the paper one. The bar code is easy readable through the turnstile, or through any smart phone in the event you don´t use turnstiles. We will be happy to help you with the solution of validation.


It doesn´t finish with the entry to the event! Our digital tickets may become a powerful marketing tool right in your customer´s smartphone. The ticket can turn into a voucher, promotional leaflet or a special offer of your sponsor.


About us

We are a technology company with a passion for new digital trends and we help our customers to find completely new, unique and playful solutions. Our playground is primarily a mobile phone that turns in our hands into a vibrant and entertaining tool of communication, marketing, data collection and sales. We are tired of classic and now obsolete solutions, which make a hostage or marketing loot out of the customers. We live with the new trends and with democratization of consumer behaviour. We help companies and organizations to take full advantage of their potential through our technology solution that delivers savings, speed, efficiency, reliability and satisfied and loyal users above all. We simply live the digitalisation and we are really very good at it!

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