On travels with a travel-insurance digital card

October 21st, 2018


The insurance company Axa in the Czech Republic contacted Your Pass in December 2016 with a request to strengthen its digital strategy by introducing a digital assistance card which should be issued for each travel insurance policy. Axa Assistance, the branch of Axa dealing with travel insurance, sees digital technologies as a great opportunity to improve its image as a progressive partner of its clients in the CEE region. Therefore, it employs various digital technologies intensively.
The aim of the digital card implementation has been to improve customer experience at receiving the travel insurance certificate by means of a card in the wallet, instead of a paper certificate needed to be printed at home and cut out of the sheet of paper. At the same time, a request has been made to use this digital medium as a communication channel in order to generate sales leads and upsales via links on the card.
Thanks to its dynamic contents, the digital card can offer its holder an additional value taking a form of regularly updated information about the place of his or her stay or information about a missed insurance due date or an impending expiration date by a changed look of the card and a notification on the mobile-phone screen.

The insurance cards are saved in the wallet application which often contains other cards, boarding passes or tickets as well. The wallet as conceived by its designers is predominantly an instrument serving for payments. Whereas the payment technology in the wallet environment is provided by Google or Apple, digitisation of the other contents of the wallet is taken care of by Your Pass. The wallet thus becomes a real alternative to a classic wallet and brands on the cards are just alongside the client’s cash. The real added value of the digital card primarily consists in the possibility of its continuous connection to the CRM system of its issuer who can remotely change its look and contents, stimulating thus the client engagement and superior experience.

As at  2018, more than 710,000 digital cards for Axa insurers travelling abroad were issued along with the pdf certificate in the Czech Republic and Poland. The success rate of clients’ preferring downloading the cards into their wallets was 24% in July 2018, 42% increase compared to July . It is necessary to say that with regard to the pioneer character of the whole project, the card continues to be distributed together with the traditional certificate to be cut out of the printed document. This rate steadily increases as clients discover and appreciate the convenience of saving cards in the mobile wallet. It is evident that clients get to like the cards as well as it reflects the global digitisation trend.

Information for clients on the card:
Basic information about insurance: contract number, validity, personal data
Information about news and discounts for clients
Useful links – e. g.  damage reporting or full trading conditions
Tips related to insurance – e.g. how to save money at repeated travels or what everything client can claim within the insurance policy

The card can be obtained in three ways:

  • By loading the QR code from the confirmation page after insurance contract conclusion;
  • By clicking on the link on the same page; the link consists of your name and the date of your birth; or
  • By clicking on the same link in the confirmation e-mail which will be sent to you after conclusion of the insurance contract.