Today's menu: Digital cards for you and your guests

October 16th, 2018


Thanks to digital cards, you are connected with your customers even after they have finished their favourite coffee or left after the last beer. You can talk to them, watch their tastes change, and offer them service, even if they do not sit in your restaurant.

To your and your guests’ taste / Today's menu: Digital cards
YOURPASS digital cards are a hit of recent years. With their features, they almost compare to mobile applications. But they are much easier and more practical. It offers you a new level communication with customers, including collecting valuable customer data. So you do not fabricate on the spot during your marketing. Guests will appreciate that they can put the card in their mobile wallet among others. It makes it hard to lose it, just as they collect the necessary number of points so they can enjoy the deserved coffee for free.

You can cook the card according to your taste
The advantage of the digital card is the variety of its use. The card may be a customer one, may take the form of a stamp card, an action coupon, or a loyalty points collection card. You can link the card to your application or CRM system. It will serve you separately as well. Content including design is also in your hands. A great advantage is a special platform that lets you instantly create, edit and distribute your own digital cards.

Always fresh / Recipe for an ever-fresh relationship 
YOURPASS also provides its clients with a simple system in which you can easily adapt the card to your needs and play with the content as you wish. It's a piece of cake. You can do it yourself via a handy system. The card offers lots of text fields that you can edit as well as the cards design. Thus the card content is always fresh. 

Invite your guests when they are in the neighbourhood 
Digital cards can send push notifications to guests based on GPS location and time. This gives all marketing chefs the opportunity to reach their guests whenever they feel like. Are seasonal events coming up? Send your guests a gourmet experience directly to the phone. Are your guests nearby? Open the door for them with a funny one-liner. Have they forgotten to visit you for some time? Give them an irresistible discount that will bring them back to your table again. Do they come often? Spice up your relationship with an interesting competition.

News in the menu? Sure, you’re the boss.
The digital card is like a good menu of a renowned restaurant. Each selects of many features the one that serves him best. It is no wonder more and more restaurants come to taste digital cards.

Two versions of the conclusion:

  • Want to taste the YOURPASS digital card? Download YourWallet or Wallet. Scan your QR code and make sure that the digital card is a good idea within few clicks.
  • Here's a little tasting. Download YourWallet or Wallet, scan your QR code and enjoy your first acquaintance with the YOURPASS card.