The ticket is dead, long live the digital ticket:

Post-validation marketing made by YOUR PASS

October 23rd, 2018


Have you ever wondered what the chance is that your ticket does not end up in a paper bin immediately after the concert or sports match. Life cycle of a paper ticket typically ends at the moment of entering the event, however this does not have to be the same case for digital tickets. In Your Pass, we see a reincarnation of digital tickets following validation. A brand new marketing form opens up.
A digital ticket creates unique advertising space in the smartphone which does not disappear after passing through the turnstile. Its purpose can change after entry to the venue. A cascade of communications can be triggered in defined time intervals following the moment when the entrance is granted.
The post-validation marketing is a new patent-pending instrument using the potential of the ticket saved in the mobile wallet. After the ticket is validated, a series of predefined steps follows, aiming to promote the event partner or increase the partner’s sales via the change of the digital ticket visual accompanied by notifications.

The possibilities of changing the originally useless ticket into an active channel of customer communication are several. At the moment of validation, the ticket can turn into e.g. a voucher, promotional leaflet, discount voucher or the event organiser’s information card helping the visitor to better navigate while leaving the stadium. The digital format is easy to update and alter its design as well as contents for the selected medium. Another example is using the digital ticket for promotion of other events and enabling visitors, for example, a discount purchase of other tickets for a limited period of time.

Perhaps you would like to learn, while walking through the zoological garden, that a sea lion show is about to start in the sea world part and you can vote for the best performance directly from the ticket. Organisers of concerts and similar cultural events will definitely appreciate feedback. Nothing is as easy as to place a form with a satisfaction question and suggestions of other events on the card after the end of the event. The digital card can be changed easily, based on physical interaction or specific time.

Nevertheless, the post-validation marketing is useful not only for various tickets. This new functionality which is offered by the digital on-line medium only has been used by e.g. Liberec Zoological Garden during implementation of the world-wide campaign Silent Forest. This project of the European Association of ZOOs and Aquariums (EAZA) supporting endangered birds is presided over by Liberec Zoological Garden this year.

Post-validation marketing potential

  • The global potential corresponds to the size of the ticket-sale market of dozens of millions tickets per year.
  • 66% predicted current share of smartphone users in 2018.
  • 42% of purchases are done by means of mobile phones and the purchases from e-shops by mobile phones continue to increase.
  • 45% of users prefer digital tickets to their paper variant and this figure increases every year.
  • 98% of users keep the digital ticket after its validation.