Truly customer-centric POS

November 13th, 2018


Providers of POS and B2C CRM systems often deal with their client’s request to improve loyalty of their consumers. Typically, in the field of gastronomy or food retail loyalty has been achieved by means of loyalty cards and vouchers qualifying their holder for a benefits or special offers. The system often required a cumbersome logistics to onboard consumers ad then, consumers often failed to present their card when making a purchase. Dynamic digital cards by Your Pass can substantially improve the client loyalty as the card is well stored in the mobile wallet of their phone. Not only it can be presented when required (Consumers all keep our phone with us most of time.), it also can notify of special offers and entirely change its information content and image to underline special days such as Black Fridays. In this way, the card can stimulate shopping behaviour in the pre-Christmas time by adopting a characteristic image. By image alteration, the card can also resemble a stamp card and stamps can easily be collected for each single purchase, and a reward displayed on the card can eventually be claimed by the consumer. From the perspective of the POS or B2C CRM system provider this also increases loyalty of their clients as the digital cards accommodated with the consumers cannot be detached from the whole system and plugged elsewhere when switching system provider.