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Your Pass and our digital cards

We are a technology company successfully marketing SaaS systems facilitating a broadcasting of dynamic content onto digital cards in mobile wallets. Our cards serve for various purposes ranging from single-use tickets to long-term loyalty cards. The cards are saved in the wallet application which often contains other cards, boarding passes or tickets as well. The wallet as conceived by its designers is predominantly an instrument serving for payments. Whereas the payment technology in the wallet environment is provided by Google or Apple, digitisation of the other contents of the wallet is taken care of by Your Pass. The wallet thus becomes a real alternative to a classic wallet and brands on the cards are just alongside the client’s cash. The real added value of the digital card primarily consists in the possibility of its continuous connection to the CRM system of its issuer who can remotely change its look and contents, stimulating thus the client engagement and superior experience.

The team

Jan Gregor

A challenger and unconventional visionary with a successful entrepreneurship track record. A passionate salesman and promoter of Your Pass and its technology with outstanding empathy for clients and their needs.

Daniel Rajnoch

A restless entrepreneur with deep experience in hospitality and gastronomy and impressive insight into modern trends. One of the four Your Pass founders and the initiator of the idea of dynamic digital cards.

Jan Huspeka

An ideator with an impressive track record of accomplished IT projects since the early 1990s and an influential supporter of our global partnerships. An early member of the Your Pass team and a strong promoter of the idea of dynamic digital cards.

Petr Fiala

The financial director, with a conservative business approach and critical view as well as being an insightful team player supporting our project planning from a financial as well as a technical perspective.

Aleš Tichopád

A successful entrepreneur and leader with experience in international business who has served as a director of the board and capital angel for Your Pass since 2017.

Radan Jünger

A born-to-do business entrepreneur, who has been doing business in education for the last 20 years, joined the Your Pass team by sharing his knowledge and providing a starting capital shortly after the formation in 2017.

Wilm Kemper
CEO - Your Pass Germany

The CEO of Your Pass Germany with 10 years of experience in the international insurance business and a passion for modern communication technology.



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