iOS & Android

What is the Wallet Application good for?

Apple's own application called Wallet is preinstalled on every iPhone and iPad. You can store your tickets, discount cards, coupons, and board passes here. The Wallet app is the real alternative to a traditional wallet; we will be able to throw our regular wallets away.

The Wallet app is the future; we will be able to throw our regular wallets away

YourWallet by YourPass

This is our inhouse produced and easy to use Wallet. In YourWallet, you can conveniently store all your cards. The application is available both for Apple and Android devices, enabling the user to keep e.g. membership cards, tickets, discount coupons, and many more. To retrieve a card you can scan a barcode or trigger a URL link.

Card Anatomy

The card brings its user a full range of features facilitating a great user experience and making a promotion of a brand better targeted.

Intuitive Interface Control

If our API plug-in is not needed, you can instantly create, edit and distribute your own digital cards with your own and unique content through our platform.

  • Easy work in the app thanks to drag & drop
  • Quick and seamless deployment
  • Card operational within a few minutes
  • Possibility of multiple user accounts
  • Fully cloud-based solution
  • Push function support
  • Cards reporting

You are eligible for a reward because you have earned more than ten characters. You can choose your reward here
assistance card

55% discount on travel insurance. You can simply use it here

we have a 1-0 goal in the first half, the goal scored by the striker no.10. more innovations here

Notification as a New

Push notification

Location – based notification


Do you know them? These are the brief alerts on your smartphone display, sent e.g. from applications or from our digital cards. Do you feel the enormous potential in connection with digital cards? Each notification can lead to a specific content on the card.

More information

Get to know your clients through a satisfaction survey

Take advantage of the digital card interface to find out your customer satisfaction that can be easily verified by clicking the link on the back of the card.

  • ratings
  • polls
  • surveys
  • statistics


  • Easy implementation with our support
  • Selective control of content and updates
  • Compatibility with most CRM systems