Guest Card

Example of use:
Easy and always available solution replacing plastic card in the wallet with no longer compromised magnetic code. Equipped with NFC code it safely opens and locks doors but also displays loyalty points, provides information on hotel spendings, check-in and out times, informs about hotel entertainment facilities as well as free time activities in the surrounding area. It notifies guests in the right time and - by means of beacon technology, at the right place.

Main advantages

  • Possible to change to any design, colours, logo, contents, text fields
  • Option for an anonymous card without any identification
  • Identification possible through card number, name or QR code
  • Communication through notifications and lock-screen notifications
  • GPS notifications and timed notifications
  • Link to a loyalty programme (points system with prompt update)
  • Collecting user feedback data
  • Link to a payment gateway and payment system
  • Easy distribution via SMS, email or QR code
  • Cost savings when compared to paper and plastic options
  • Easy implementation through API
  • Environmentally friendly compared to printing solutions and the possibility of reuse

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