fan card

Example of use:
An ideal communication tool for all societies, clubs, events, bands, performers, celebrities and more. The one-way communication is a huge advantage. The owners of these communication channels most frequently communicate current news, using the graphic stripbanner on the front of the card as a marketing space where they place sponsors or partners. Through polls, viewers can vote on the best player, song, performance, or bet on the current sports match, of which they are notified by the notification. Clubs often put the cross-sale offers of their partners on the backside.

Main advantages

  • Any modification of design, colours, logo, content, and text fields
  • Possibility of anonymous cards without identification
  • Identification possibility via card number, name, or QR code
  • Connection to a loyalty program (instantly updated point system)
  • Collection of user feedback data
  • Connection to the payment gateway and your payment system
  • Simple distribution through SMS, mail, or QR code
  • Simple implementation through API
  • Cost savings compared to paper and plastic variants

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