loyalty card

Example of use:
Replacement of or complement to a plastic or paper card by a modern solution in a digital form. The business owner then obtains not only a direct communication channel to customers, but also new opportunities for deepening their loyalty. Great for shops, retail chains, restaurants, services, petrol station networks and all companies that are keen on building customer loyalty. The card can even utilise the GPS location and remind the customer at the very right moment when near the shop. The customer sees the loyalty points in real time. When loyalty points are collected or expire, the customer is notified directly on their display.

Main advantages

  • Possible to change to any design, colours, logo, contents, text fields.
  • Option for an anonymous card without any identification.
  • Identification possible through card number, name or QR code.
  • Communication through notifications and lockscreen notifications.
  • GPS notifications and time notifications.
  • Link to a loyalty programme (points system with prompt update).
  • Collection of data and user opinions.
  • Link to a payment gateway and payment system.
  • Easy distribution via SMS, email or QR code.
  • Cost savings when compared to paper and plastic options.
  • Easy implementation through API.
  • Environmentally friendly solution compared to printing, and possibility of re-use through update.

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