Example of use:
An ideal tool for loyalty programs. After redeeming the voucher, its life can go on. It can be easily converted to another advantageous offer such as for accessories to the purchased goods. The voucher can be used to notify of new offers in the selected shop by predefined GPS-triggered notifications or remind of special offer in the shelf by proximity notifications facilitated by beacons.


  • Any modification of design, colours, logo, content, and text fields
  • Anonymous cards without identification
  • Identification possibility via card number, name, bar or QR code
  • Lock-screen notifications
  • GPS, beacon and time-triggered notifications
  • Connection to a loyalty program (instantly updated point system)
  • Client surveys
  • Connection to payment gateways
  • Simple distribution through SMS, mail, or QR code
  • Simple implementation through API
  • Cost savings compared to paper and plastic cards
  • No disposable plastic or paper

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