The Wallet app is the future
we will be able to
throw the regular wallet away.

You can have all of your payment and customer cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, discount coupons, loyalty cards, and other similar documents in your Wallet app. You can store tickets in the Wallet app on your iPhone, which you then use for check-in at the airport, entrance to the cinema, drawing loyalty rewards, or e.g. using discount vouchers. Tickets can include useful information, such as the balance on your card in the cafeteria (works with Starbucks), validity date of the voucher, seat number at the concert and more.

On iPhones 6 and 6s (including the Plus variants), you can add credit and debit cards to the Wallet app and use them to pay using the Apple Pay. However, the service does not officially work in our country yet.

Adding Tickets to the Wallet App

You can add tickets to the Wallet app in different ways. Use the apps that support the Wallet app, from Email, or SMS, from your web browser, by scanning a barcode, sharing via AirDrop, Mac, or by tapping the Wallet notification you received when you paid with Apple Pay at a supported merchant.

There are plenty of options, but not all cards will be recognized by the Wallet app. The most useful is the application for adding boarding passes, as many airlines already support it.

Use the Wallet App Whenever You Need it

Some tickets will automatically appear at the right time or in the right place because they contain location-related information. For example, a boarding pass should be displayed automatically upon arrival at the airport. Swipe your finger across the device's display to unlock it and you can directly scan the ticket.

If you would like to receive automatic notifications such as flight changes or coupons and discounts in nearby outlets, do the following: Go to Settings> Notifications> Wallet. Turn on the Notifications or Banner notifications.

There are setting options for each ticket. Tap the ticket, and then tap the info icon on the ticket. Settings and other information will be displayed. You can delete or share the ticket, update it, or e.g. turn off the notification on the information screen. The info screen also lists other ticket details, such as contact details for the merchant.